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Miss Daisy

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I said good-bye to an old friend.  As some of you will know, I had a crash before Christmas and found out soon afterwards that the insurance company had decided to write off the car. Yes, she was a piece of machinery, a few sheets of metal, a few panes of glass and a various odds and sods of fabric and rubber, but never-the-less, an old friend.  I’ve written before about cars and the lasting impression they leave on us and it’s funny how they can leave such impressions.  They are utilitarian, they are there to make our lives easier, we abuse them, we take them for granted, we admire them, we depend on them, we rely on them and sometimes we just love them.

Miss Daisy was part of our family for almost 9 years.  She ferried myself , my wife and our kids, (3 kids when we got her and 4 a couple of years later).  She was there to see how quickly my kids have grown, initially the 2 older ones in the back seats to allow us to get the baby seats in the centre row.  Later, as the 2 oldest got too tall and their legs too long for the back, they moved to the centre seats and the younger ones moved to the back.  Miss Daisy brought us all to the beach, she brought us the length and breath of the country and on trips to Wales.  She rushed kids to hospital for spills and bumps, she brought my youngest son home from hospital when he was born.  She kept us warm, safe and dry on cold wet winter days and kept us cool and even-tempered on long hot summer days.  She battled floods, storms, hail and snow and on the day she needed her most, she protected me and my son in a crash, just like I always knew she would.

I’m sure I will have many more cars before I reach that great filling station in the sky, but I’m also sure of this, all of those cars will be compared to Miss Daisy. I’m also sure none of them will ever match up to her.  They couldn’t possibly, not to Miss Daisy…..not to my Miss Daisy.