Hero Worship, plain and simple.

Posted: April 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

He’s done it again, written an Album of songs that says so much about the times we live in. The unofficial poet laureate of the working classes, the put down, the fucked over, the dis-enfranchised, has said what I at least as a fully paid up member of all of the above groups needed someone to say.  I know full well that Bruce Springsteen is a very wealthy man, “a rich man in a poor mans shirt” as he says himself.  But he is the only one of my heroes who has stayed a hero to me since I was 13 and walking out of Golden Discs in Crumlin Shopping centre, birthday money spent and the “Born to Run” Album in glorious Vinyl under my arm.

In those 30 years since I bought that album and with all the albums in between he has always sang thoughts and feelings that I was too inarticulate to express.  He made me feel that the experiences of growing up on the shores of the Great state of New Jersey were not that far removed from the, (if not not mean, then slightly dodgy), streets of Drimnagh and Crumlin in South Dublin.  His songs have always been songs of redemption, anger, sometimes despair but above all……..HOPE, HOPE, HOPE.  Yes you may be in the shit, your baby may have left you, you may be headed on a down bound train, the future maybe clouded to you but there is always a new day coming, “sure as the rising Sun” and that new day will bring new chances, new hope.

I am lucky enough to be in a position to go see Bruce and the lads when he visits Dublin this July.  It will be my 16th. time to see him live.  If I hadn’t been in that position, to be honest, I would have begged, borrowed or stolen the money to get to see him.  Its that important to me.  I read a blog yesterday suggesting that Springsteen was a modern Prophet, I’m not an expert on such matters but if that means that with words and music, a man can lift the hearts and souls of those you wish to listen, if that means that a person can inspire hope in the way a religion is supposed to, then maybe he is a Prophet.  The entire E-Street band, if Bruce is a Prophet, are his disciples, they help spread the word.  That’s why I need to go, to hear the word.

I wonder what it will be like this time without the Clarence, sad and different I know. When Danny died, there was a difference, now with the BIGMAN gone there will be a BIG difference, no mind loosing sax solo on Jungleland, no voice the depth of the abyss.  When Clarence died, I cried, perhaps silly to shed tears for a man I never met but how could you not when he has been a huge part of your life, his contribution was perhaps nothing more than to ensure my musical well-being, but I guess you know now how important that is to me.

I know I have oft described Bruce as my personal Messiah, sometimes as a joke, more often as the truth, it’s not a man crush:-) in fairness he’s as ugly as sin:-), I make no apology, its hero worship, plain and simple.



  1. Nice one Alan, nice tribute to the Boss, mind you , you freaked me out a bit with the 30 years since Born to Run part……… where did the time go to….. Well done!

  2. Derek Flynn says:

    Wow! You certainly hit the nail on the head for me with that post, Alan. I’ve been a devout fan like you ever since I first heard Jerry Ryan play tracks from “Live 75/85” on his late night radio show. Over the next two years I bought his entire back catalogue and waited patiently for the release of “Tunnel of Love” and the subsequent tour. I’ve seen him 10 times since then (the only tour I missed was “Tom Joad”, although I did get to see one of the sold-out Meadowlands shows when he reunited the E Street Band!). And like you I’ll be there again in July 🙂 Great post!

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