An open letter to the UK

Posted: June 24, 2016 in Uncategorized

Dear UK,
Today is a sad day for us all and a little bit scary too, if we are honest.
Britain leaving the EU is like a friend moving away. 
As an Irish person who grew up during the Northern Ireland troubles, I am proud to have seen the strengthening of ties and friendship between these islands over the past twenty years.
This strengthening of ties was to a great degree, as a result of both Ireland and the UK being part of a union of nations brought together by a yearning to not repeat the mistakes of the past, by a common goal and wish for a peaceful Europe for the sake of our children. 
The EU and its institutions have certainly made mistakes but those mistakes can be remedied, but only from the inside. 
Those of us wishing to encourage our politicians to fix those mistakes have lost an ally today. We in Ireland, now need to work hard to ensure that we keep in touch with our friend who has moved away so that we don’t loose the mutual respect, trust and friendship we have worked so hard to gain.
We are going to miss you but your decision is your decision, so the very best of luck to you.
Keep in touch
Yours sincerely,
Alan Brophy.


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